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          Journal of Genome Research and Genetic Therapies (JGRGT) is a double-blind peer review Journal. Articles published by the Journal of Genome Research and Genetic Therapies are made copiously and evermore accessible online immediately upon publication that attributes elevated standard paper in Genome Research and Genetic Therapies. JGRGT is devoted to nourishing a systematic publishing service to the scientific world.

          Gregor Johann Mendel, the father of genetics who performed pea plant experiments, and demonstrated the actions of invisible "factors", now called Genes of an organism. The Genome is intended for an organism's whole set of DNA molecules. Studying the individual genes and their roles in the inheritance will come under Genetics. The Genome Research and Genetic Therapies focuses mainly on the structure, editing, mapping, evolution, and function of entire genomes.

Benefits of working with the Journal of Genome Research and Genetic Therapies:

  • Anyone can access our JGRGT which meant to be free, with no access fee, and unrestricted online open access to all the research outputs such as journal articles, Journal Newsletters and journal books.
  • Online - open access is compatible with double-blinded peer-review and selective submission standards are independent of the transparency of the Journal of Genome Research and Genetic Therapies.
  • In search operations, JGRGT could be easily traceable in order to find the article. To the greatest extent, searching the particulates in the articles or sharing it with social media or other scholars is facilitated.
  • Modes of Availability in our JGRGT, research words need not be constricted to articles only. It could be any type of digital proportion. This includes text, images, raw, audio, video, software, and processed data, which could be part of a digital archive.
  • The article-processing charge of JGRGT that covers a range of publishing amenity we present. This comprises a clause of online gadgets for eminent editors, prominent authors, article production, article hosting, associate to abstract with the notions of time, matter, and space, customer services, and indexing services. The processing charge is payable once your work is accepted by the editors and before the release.


1. To determine the function of the protein, used in Drug discovery, and on a large-scale protein engineering as well as protein structure.
2. To determine the biological functions of genes, Transcriptomics and Proteomics are the systematic and comprehensive pathway to study the normal and....Readmore


Types of Testing: Molecular genetic test, Biochemical genetic test, Diagnostic testing, Clinical predictive test, Pharmacogenomic test, Tumor test, Chromosomal genetic test, Pre-symptomatic and predictive testing, Carrier testing, Prenatal testing, Preimplantation testing and New....Readmore

Editorial Board

Zilhas Ahmed Jewel

Assistant Professor

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University

Xiaoling Xuei

Technical Director

Indiana University School of Medicine

Yan W Asmann

Associate Professor

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Mohd Amin Mir

Assistant Research Professor

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

Harish Padh


Sardar Patel University



University of Ibadan

Othman Salim Hussein Alfleesy

Associate professor

Aden university-South Yemen

Manal Micheal Thomas Aghabios

Assistant Professor

National Research Center

Noah Isakov


Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Mamdouh Ibrahim Nassar


Cairo University



University of Health Sciences

Oxana Turcu

Associate Professor

University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Niyaz Ahmad Naykoo

Associate Professor

University of Agricultural Science and Technology

Senay Gorucu Yilmaz

Associate Professor

Gaziantep University