Manal Micheal Thomas Aghabios

Assistant Professor

Department of Clinical Genetics

National Research Center




Manal Micheal Thomas was born on 28 Dec. 1974. I had my B.Sc. in Medicine and Surgery from Cairo University in the year 1998. I completed Master degree in pediatrics from the medical school of Cairo University in 2006 and obtained PhD degree in Child Health from Ein-Shams University in the year 2012.

I work at the clinical genetics department - Human genetics and genome research division - National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt since 2002. I was newly promoted to an Assistant Professor on September, 2017.

I work in the Clinic of Cognitive and Motor Development at the medical service unit of the National Research Centre since 1/4/2002. I work in Down Syndrome and Mental Retardation Clinic at the Center of Excellence of the National Research Centre since 2013.

I am a member of the National Society of Human Genetics.

Area of Interests

Clinical genetics eg. Dysmorphology, Metabolic disorders, Mental retardation, Chromosomal abnormalities, Neurogenetics, Disorders of Sexual Development, Congenital Heart Disease

Rehabilitation and interventional therapy e.g. Down syndrome

Ethical and legal aspects in genetics