Othman Salim Hussein Alfleesy

Associate professor

Department of Forensic medicine and Pathology

Aden university-South Yemen




Dr. Othman S. H. Alfleesy is currently working as an Associate Professor in Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathology at Faculty of Medicine, Aden University-South Yemen.

He has completed his MSc in Forensic Medicine in college of higher studies in Jordan (1989).He is a member in an international association of forensic medicine.

Dr. Othman Alfleesy had participated and contributed to numerous International conferences (has presented papers or posters). He has attended in a number of national and International conferences, scientific session & workshops (including workshops of WHO). He also has published a number of valuable researches in a number of international scientific Journals, (in which he forwarded (for the first time) solutions for: 1- sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS),(Alfleesy Hypothesis ).2-He had explained Bangungut (Pok kuri) phenomenon and put a solution for this delimma.3- Also he discovered a wrong theory of Zuckerman for oogenesis (1951) .4- Alfleesy discovered the wrong theory of Calvin Bridge(1909) for nondisjunction extrachromosome 21 and Down Syndrome), in his theory Calvin determined mothers as a direct cause of trisomy 21 and Down Syndrome children (maternal cause), which was not correct at all. Alfleesy proposed a new scientific suggestion.

Alfleesy has announced an appeal to all mothers in the world that they are not a responsible or the cause for Down Syndrome children as the scientists had claimed for a century. He is an author of two books. The forensic medicine book, which had wined the University award in 2000.And the other book: medical ethics. He is also an Editorial Board member in a number of International Journals.

Area of Interests

Forensic medicine , Bioethics , embryology  and Genetics.